The company offers its customers all kinds of services in the automotive business:
Sale of motor vehicles

Our long-running work experience in the sale of motor vehicles allow us to collaborate with some very stable and secure partners with whom we are able to find the most advantageous high-quality vehicles for you.

Delivery upon request

We can find and deliver a motor vehicle meeting your requirements within 48 hours, and we guarantee its quality.

Delivery of cargo vehicles, and construction and agricultural machinery

Purchase of motor vehicles

Our dealer may appraise your vehicle within 30 min., upon which we can buy it from you right away.

Motor vehicle barters

We offer you the opportunity to replace your old vehicle with a newer one. Our dealer will appraise your vehicle within 30 min., and the price at which it is valued will be subtracted from the price of the new vehicle that you want to buy.

Motor vehicle leasing

We offer a leasing service to our customers which they can get by simply presenting their personal ID, with very flexible conditions and approval within 2 hours, free of penalty interest in case of early repayment.

Delivery of motor vehicles to your door

Dear customers, in case it is more convenient for you, we can send a car dealer of ours to the town you live in, and your personal address, to show you a vehicle of your choice; furthermore, if you buy a vehicle under leasing conditions, it can be delivered to your home or office, together with the bundle of documents that you can sign at your address.

Delivery of motor vehicles outside Bulgaria

We offer an option for customers living abroad consisting in delivery of a motor vehicle to a place outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, and if the vehicle is purchased under leasing conditions, the papers may be signed at your address.


we can take your motor vehicle for sale on consignment, and a dealer of ours will give you his opinion on the objective asking price based on the market situation and the condition of the vehicle.

Motor vehicle insurance

Sofauto Ltd offers its customers all kinds of insurance policies by leading insurance companies. We provide professional consulting service and attitude, competitive conditions and flexible tariffs, notification service for overdue payments under insurance agreements. We value your time which is why we provide you with full assistance when you need to claim damages and subsequently have your vehicle repaired in some of the best repair shops.

We stand out with our personal attitude and care for our customers.

Tel: 0885/007464

Registration of motor vehicles

We can register your motor vehicle, renew registrations you already have, obtain transit plates and request special registration number for your vehicle at the Traffic Police Department.

Car cosmetics services

Leader in Auto cosmetics care!

Auto cosmetics care center "Sofauto Avangard" will take care for the perfect way your car looks.

The main priorities of the company are:

  • Absolute quality of the services
  • Maximum speed
  • More satisfied customers

We offer wide range of services, skills and a qualified staff; reasonably priced services justify your trust and guarantee and excellent result.

Company "Sofauto Avangard" Ltd. is an experienced leader in providing care services and thorough cleaning of cars and trucks. We provide fast and efficient service done by professionals in the field of car cosmetics with equipment from leading companies.

For your convenience, Auto cosmetics care center works 24/7.

We offer discounts to all of our regular customers.

Vehicle care center has its own cafeteria.


Sofauto Avangard "Winter Palace" - "Student City" behind the Winter Palace tel.


02/962 39 55

GSM 0885 59 79 96

Repair services

Our company has its own repair service shop providing the following services:

  • Computer diagnostic test for cars and cargo vehicles
  • Repair of chassis of cars and cargo vehicles
  • Repair of motor engines
  • Repair and replacement services

Our car body shop has adequate facilities, its own paint chamber, modern equipment and a team of experienced professionals.

Contacts: Sofia, Dianabad Residential District, 1 Rusalia Street 

Export/Import of motor vehicles