About us

Sofauto Ltd is a fast growing dynamic company specializing in trading with used and new cars and cargo vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery.

From 1993 to this day we, Sofauto Ltd, have been maintaining our tradition of high quality delivery and excellent service of customers; our work incorporates innovation and perfectionism. Our principal goal is the development of our organization, improvement of our service and care for customers, refinement of already existing services and integration of new ideas. What sets Sofauto Ltd apart from other companies is its WORK DYNAMICS! We strive to achieve dynamics at 100% in our work, since only dynamic conditions of work give birth to high quality ideas, create first-class products and accomplish optimal customer satisfaction.  

Our conditions for sale of motor vehicles are exceptionally flexible, our major intention being to provide our customers with as many opportunities as possible that will be adequate and relevant in each particular case.

Sofauto Ltd manages a group of companies that are included in its structure and specialize in spheres such as: automobile repair, automobile cosmetics, sale of used spare parts, leasing, motor vehicle insurance, shipping services, commercial representation,farming, juices and soft drinks.


Our customers are offered the following options when they buy motor vehicles:

  • Direct purchase with lump payment, without any subsequent payments;
  • Purchase of delivered motor vehicles ordered in advance;
  • Purchase by instalments over a short period of time;
  • Leasing purchase provided by Sofauto Ltd. This leasing option gives a lot of opportunities to our customers which are intended to meet their personal preferences. Approval of a leasing purchase is obtained within two hours, and the transaction takes place within one business day;
  • Operating leasing
  • Externally financed purchase, if so desired  by the customer, with approval in advance by Sofauto Ltd;
  • Barter options;
  • Purchase of motor vehicles by Sofauto Ltd;
  • Leasing refinancing, etc.

It is our pleasure to have you as our customers!